Who Is AWDA?


Aware of the need for a working dog club that would welcome all breeds at all levels of competition; the Anacapa Working Dog Association (AWDA) began. The charter members reflected on and emphasized this concept right from the start. Our group’s range of expertise included then, as it does now, experienced handlers to complete novices; from “schutzhunders” just beginning to compete to Gus Brown one of the pioneers of Schutzhund in America!


In a relatively short time period we certainly have come a long way.  Our club members include individuals from various walks of life bringing with them many different breeds of dogs, and we certainly welcome and thrive on this diversity. In fact, our emblem symbolizes this commitment by depicting the three great working breeds of Germany.


As with most Schutzhund clubs, we embrace the training culture – the camaraderie and closeness that comes along with dedicated training, good sportsmanship, and the love of working as one with our canine team members. We recognize the individual abilities, assets, and talents each handler/dog team brings to the field and encourage each member to cultivate those special qualities to the best of his/her ability. We emphasize obedience – control and safety – as the first step taken on the road along which all dreams and goals are realized.  Call it support, call it individuals working together toward similar goals, call it what you will, but because of “it” we have titled many dogs, including a number of SchH III and IPO III dogs and forged countless friendships along the way.  Our members compete in local, regional and national events. In addition, AWDA had the rare honor of having a Schnauzer and a Rottweiler, both SchH III, compete at the 2000 AWDF National Championship. Imagine that, two separate breeds, each team representing its breed club, from the same training club!


Regardless of one’s training level, we encourage participation and revel with excitement whenever a new member to the sport earns that very first title!  The AWDA looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that dog sport brings, however, we never forget that our primary purpose remains the fun we have and enjoyment we get and the love we feel spending time with our canine friends.

About Our Training


AWDA is currently open to membership. However, depending on the number of active members we may place a limit on new applicants in order to continue providing quality training.

If you are interested in becoming a member we require you come out and visit the club and members and participate in training sessions to ensure that our goals and training methods are equally suited.  We will be happy to discuss the membership process and provide the club by laws, training rules and membership requirements when you visit. 


As with many sports enthusiasts AWDA members enjoy the unique camaraderie and friendship that grows out of pursuing common interests and goals. Because participation in the sport breeds a special closeness not only between the single owner and dog but collectively as a group, we usually invite prospective members to train with us several times. This gives us all a chance to meet and become acquainted with one another and gives the person(s) contemplating membership a chance to truly understand AWDA.  This prospective member may then be asked to join the club and apply for a trial or probationary membership for a specific period of time before the club votes to award him/her full membership status.


It goes without saying that an AWDA member supports their fellow members at events and trials, and an AWDA membership also requires volunteer time to help with field maintenance, housekeeping, trials, seminars, conformation shows, breed surveys and other events hosted by our club. 


In keeping with the true meaning of Schutzhund training and culture, we welcome guests – whether traveling from the next county, across the country or the world. If you find yourself in our area please accept our invitation to come visit and train with us at any time.  We’d love to see you!

Please contact a club officer regarding visitation and/or membership.