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Rich & Querry

After completing a basic obedience course with my puppy mill purchased Rottweiler, I became involved in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO in the mid 80's. In that time span I have titled 19 different dogs, of which consisted of 4 different breeds. I have competed at the club, Regional, and National level. My success would not have been possible without the help of some fantastic training partners, Jim Hill, Rodd Proctor, Carl Bell, and Christian Weissmann. Besides great training partners, I have been fortunate to be a part of some great clubs, Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club, Phoenix Schutzhund Club, and Anacapa Working Dog Association, committed to the betterment of the sport and dog. Being able to spend time working with top trainers and top dogs has helped me to become a better trainer and a better helper. I have achieved Regional level helper status and am currently the Southwest Regional Training Director. As we all know, this sport requires a lot of time on and off the field, and would not have been possible if I did not have such a wonderful understanding wife, along with a super supportive family.

Claire & Kestrel

I got my first experience in dog obedience when I was 11 years old and joined my local 4H club. My first partner was a Redbone Coonhound named Copper. Copper and I enjoyed working together and surprising the other teams of the more “trainable” breeds with our routines. I suppose that is where I started my preference for the more unusual breeds. We won first place in San Diego county 4H our first year together, and that cemented my love of training dogs. Tragedy struck and I lost Copper before we could see how far we could really go together. I took about a ten year hiatus until I got my first dog as an adult, a very rambunctious Beauceron named Deja. We searched for the perfect outlet for her energy. We wanted to do obedience but found most of the pet style classes we encountered to be dry, boring and repetitive. That is when we found Anacapa Working Dog Association and fell in love with the club and sport of schutzhund. It has been the most challenging and rewarding undertaking, and truly a life-changing experience. I am now training my second Beauceron, Kestrel. We have our BH and are working hard toward IPO 1. To me, that title would be a dream come true. I am eternally grateful to my friends at Anacapa Working Dog Association for teaching me so much and helping bring out the best in my quirky breed and me.

Steven & Indy

Owning Boxers for many years. I remember my Aunt talked about her German Shepherd and how smart and loyal they were. After our last Boxer had passed I looked online to find a German Shepherd. He was seven weeks old. The lady, aka (broker) asked me if I was going to train the dog and I said yes. She said that there was a club in my area that trained in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO. I didn’t know what Schutzhund was at the time. So I went to visit Anacapa Working Dog Association. After becoming a member and training with my dog. When he was about 18 months he started limping for a couple of days after training. I decided to get X-rays and it turned out that he had hip dysplasia. He still lives with our family and lives a healthy life here at home. So, I needed to find a dog that I can work with. I still continued to go to the club without a dog for about six months because I still wanted to learn the sport. I decided to find a Belgian Malinois. With help from a lady named Cynthia, a 14 week old Belgian Malinois puppy named Indy was coming to California from Missouri to her new home. We have been training for two years and we now and have attained our BH title and now working on IPO1, 2, and 3 We have come a long way thus far.

It has now been 4 years that I have been involved in the sport of Schutzhund and I have learned so much. I give all credit to Carl Bell, Rich Rozen, and Christian Weissmann in giving me instruction, guidance, and support. I also learn from the club members that have been training for many years. The bond and camaraderie that we have at our club is my second family. I am lucky to be apart of this great club.

This sport takes many hours and dedication to piece everything together. This training journey is not easy in the beginning. Like I said; with commitment and applying what you learn has it's rewards. My love for the sport and having a dog to work with as a team gives me the determination to train, trial and compete in the sport. I plan to learn more in this multi faceted sport in the years to come.


I am lucky to have a supportive family that knows that I love the working line breed and sport.

Marcy & Chyenne

I was raised with a German Shepherd, and I have always had at least one dog, but usually 3 to 5 German shepherd dogs!   I started obedience training with the first GSD that I bought when I was 18. That was the tradition until I started doing K9 SAR work in 1996. I have trained many dogs for different disciplines since that time.  I had one female GSD that I trained and certified for Trailing, which uses a scent article for the trailing of one individual to locate the missing person or suspect. She worked for 13 incredible years!  She, as well as most of my dogs, were also trained to find human remains or cadaver scent.  I work with several law enforcement agencies and a State-wide agency. I have also trained an explosives detection dog, and helped train and certify numerous narcotics detection dogs. I have given lectures at seminars and working groups, and helped with training and certifying other handlers and their dogs in K9 SAR.

I worked as a groomer and a Vet Tech for several years. Being a Vet tech was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had.  Helping animals and their human families is something that makes me proud of the work I have accomplished.  About 7 years ago I learned of AWDA. I was familiar with IPO or Schutzhund working dogs but never had a chance to get involved.  I first worked my black male GSD and earned his BH.  He enjoyed obedience and tracking but was not predictable with protection-work so I started working my female GSD. She enjoys it very much.

My objective is to get another younger dog and work side-by-side with my K9 partner to earn our IPO I, 2 and hopefully 3. It is a wonderful experience to achieve these things with my much-loved dogs.

Ryan & Norbert

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 Laura & Rio

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Christian & Lu Lu Lemon

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Kevin & Dante

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Shannon & Ruger

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Brett & Moe

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