Anacapa Working Dogs Association

2018 USCA Southwestern IPO Club Trial

August 4th & 5th, 2018


Club Trial
Trial Titles Offered: BH, APR 1-3, IPO 1-3, IPO VO, STP 1-3, UPr 1-3, AWD 1-3, FPr 1-3


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Anacapa Working Dog Association


Event Number: ( Coming Soon )


8/4/18 - 8/5/18


Ventura, CA





Tel:  805-658-2233



EVENT ADDRESS 15452 Maricopa Hwy Ojai, California




JUDGE: Heidi Thies - USCA



Helper: Christian Weissman


Track Layer: Carl Bell , Rich Rosen



Trial Titles Offered: BH, APR 1-3, IPO 1-3, IPO VO, STP 1-3, UPr 1-3, AWD 1-3, FPr 1-3

Anacapa Working Dog Association

is proud to host 2nd annual DOGFEST event.

June 23rd, 24th, 25th 2017




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If you are thinking in attending the 2017 DOGFEST JUNE 23rd, 24th, and 25th event held by Anacapa Working Dog Association you better get in your advanced registrations! It is the 2nd annual event located:



15452 Maricopa Highway

Ojai, California. 93023


The event will have food, fun, training, tips, techniques, contests, raffles and the spirit of Schutzhund. 


Choose from one of the TOP trainers in the county.


Just a sampling of some of our helpers at the event:


✔ Joel Monroe—Teaching Helper, International Competitor

✔ David Deleissegues—Teaching Helper, International Competitor

✔ Mario Fernandez—National Level Helper

✔ John Riboni—Training Helper, International Competitor

✔ Weston Kester—USCA National Level Helper; DVG National Level Helper 

✔ Jose Lopez USCA National Level Helper

✔ Chris Taylor USCA National Level Helper


For more information contact: 

Carl Bell 805-658-2233


Judy Bell 805-658-2233




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